| About Us is a concept of SNAP NETWORKS.

We specialize in Mobile Marketing and Online Bulk Text messaging.

We help our clients achieve their marketing or communication goals by offering them various SMS solutions tailored to their requirements. We also help businesses gain an effective edge in the competitive global business scenario..

We set a distinctive path for others to follow. We ought to be your first choice!

Our robust SMS Platform has the following features:

  • Fast SMS Delivery.
  • Targeted SMS available for marketing, you only use part of your units.
  • Personalized SMS where you can input each person's name in a message.
  • SMS Short Code Service.
  • Deducts 1 Unit per SMS.
  • Compose SMS with dynamic sender ID or set your default sender ID
  • Order sms credits with automatic cost calculator and currency conversion
  • Pay online for SMS credits via ATM cards
  • Transaction/purchase/sms history available
  • Create an SMS Signature to be automatically appended to outgoing sms
  • Type multiple sms recipients, select recipient or recipient group from phonebook or upload recipients from text and csv (excel) file
  • Save sms messages in draft folder
  • Edit/delete messages from your draft folder
  • SMS character counter for composing SMS i.e Page: 1, Characters left: 157, Total Typed Characters: 3
  • SMS scheduling for future delivery.
  • Removes duplicate/repeated numbers in recipient list.
  • Phone book to store phone groups and numbers
  • Numbers can be in the format of  2348081234567 or 08081234567.
  • Automatic removal of invalid characters from numbers e.g space,;,:,.,',`,(,),,{,},#,-,_ and ?
  • Displays member SMS units left
  • Delete a phone book group and all its records
  • View to all sent sms messages with recipients, message,status, credit used, date scheduled, date delivered and channel used
  • Resend any previously sent sms message with one click.